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Publié : 13 mars 2009

The IMO Compendium : recueil des questions de l’Olympiade Mathématique Internationale

This website is dedicated to mathematical olympiads and mathematical problem solving.


The contents of this site include (but are not restricted to) :

The IMO Compendium
- This is the only book of this type - it contains ALL available problems proposed to the International Mathematical Olympiads, with multiple solutions to all shortlisted problems. Here you can find all the information regarding this book, sample chapters, as well as some authentic scanned materials to give you the impression of the original state these materials were in.

Past IMO Results
- A detailed review of team and individual results of the past International Mathematical Olympiads. "Search" option included. ...click here...
Olympiad Training Materials
The collection of articles explaining theory, concepts, and theorems related to problem solving. These texts contain a number of examples and solved problems of various levels of difficulty. We hope that they will be of significant benefit to those who want to learn how the theory can be used in problem solving. ...click here...

IMOmath Tests
- Practice the problem solving in a setting similar to the testing environment you encounter in competitions in certain countries. Get your score immediately after solving the test, and for each problem see the percentage of our visitors who solved it correctly. ...click here...

Problems from Math Olympiads
- A large collection of olympiad problems from all over the world. The collection now contains 7713 problems and continues growing weekly. ...click here...

Recommended Books
- A comprehensive list of recommended books about mathematical olympiads and problem solving in general, where you can read and write reviews.